Man Drives His Car Full Speed Into A Bar To Break Up A Terrifying Brawl – Would You Deem Him A Hero?


Whether this was on purpose or on accident, it’s good to know that everyone involved was not seriously injured. One guy seems to have gotten it worse than the others though, taking a brutal hit by the car before it ran into the building. The guy get’s up and seems to be OK. One thing is for certain, he’s going to feel that in the morning.

VIA| Surveillance footage captured the moment a driver broke up a fight outside a Tampa bar early Tuesday morning by plowing two men involved in the scuffle

Police are now searching for the unidentified driver, who hit two brawling men before crashing through the front of the Bad Monkey Bar in Ybor City.

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What do you think was this on purpose? Or did he do this on accident?

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