Study: 8,471 Cases of Double Voting Uncovered in 21 States


In the midst of President Trump’s investigation into voter fraud a study has been released that uncovered 8,471 cases of double voting in 21 states.

A study from the Government Accountability Institute uncovered one of the forms of voter fraud that is being committed here in the United States. They found thousands of cases of double votes in 21 different states.

From Breitbart:

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute (GAI), which was cofounded by Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer and former Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, analyzed data from 21 U.S. states and found that 7,271 ballots were cast in more than one state by individuals with the identical first and last name, middle initial, birthdate, and partial Social Security number. Another 1,200 double votes meeting the same criteria were detected within the same state. Given the high methodological bar employed, GAI says the statistical “probability of correctly matching two records with the same name, birthdate, and Social Security number is close to 100 percent.”

The 37-page study is unique in that while most past voter fraud analyses have used statistical models to project fraud rates, the GAI report identified actual matches of real votes cast using public voter information rolls. “There are currently no government agencies or private entities that compare all state voter rolls to detect duplicate voting fraud,” states the report.

 GAI says the reason it only examined 21 states is because the government watchdog group encountered numerous hurdles in gathering state voter data, including: “exorbitant costs,” woefully disorganized and incomplete data, and “outright rejected requests” from states. Still, “extending GAI’s conservative matching method to include all 50 states would indicate an expected minimum of 45,000 high-confidence duplicate voting matches,” says the report.
Well, if you need a ID to drive a car, buy cigarettes, buy alcohol, bank accounts,
credit cards, apply for work or buy a gun. Then you need a ID to vote!
Why? So you can prove who you actually are.
No ID?? No vote.
The number of voting fraud cases just keeps growing. What does the number have to climb to before the libs will admit that there is a problem?? Voter ID is the solution to a lot of these problems, but that makes too much sense right??

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