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DON’T TREAD ON US!!! Not Even A Week After The Election, Iran Is Already Threatening President Trump.



Down south we had a saying, “a hit dawg will holler,” and it’s interesting seeing the responses to the election of Donald J. Trump from some adversarial entities across the globe. I can only imagine there are some very interesting conversations going on in places like Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang and Tehran.

And we have a response from Tehran. As reported by our friends at The Algemeiner, A senior Iranian cleric warned US President-elect Donald Trump during prayers on Friday “not [to] play around with Iran,” and vowed that the Islamic Republic would “resist until our last breath” if any actions not to the regime’s approval are undertaken, the country’s semi-official news agency Fars reported

Addressing a congregation on the campus of Tehran University, Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khatami – a member of the Assembly of Experts, which appoints and dismisses the country’s supreme leader (currently Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) – said Trump should “be careful not [to] give the lion’s tail [Iran] another twist,” or suffer the consequences. 

Though Khatami did not specify either what form this “resistance” would take or the nature of the repercussions to which he alluded, he was clear about his opinion of the American political system. 

“The [Democrats and Republicans] are the same,” he said. “Both of them are at the service of the Zionists.” 

Nevertheless, Khatami softened his rhetoric to express “hope that the new US president will fulfill his recent statements that he does not want tensions with any other country, and if not, at least come to know the Iranian nation and avoid doing anything wrong.” This comment followed a series of anti-American statements emanating from the powers-that-be in Tehran, accompanied by ballistic-missile testing and boasts of military prowess. It also came on the heels of reports on Wednesday, following Trump’s electoral victory, by the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran has once again exceeded a limit — spelled out in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal — on sensitive material used in nuclear reactors. It was the second time Tehran surpassed its threshold since the deal was implemented in January, after being reached in July 2015.

Now, not for nothing, but when I go to church here in Dallas or South Florida, Pastor Todd Wagner and Pastor Scott Eynon are not ranting about Iran. These fellas are preaching the Gospel. So what kind of “religious” man is this Ayatollah? And what kind of “religion” is he representing — and who are the haters?

It’s obvious that the Ayatollah was feeling a little bold in his proclamation since they have become used to an America they can push around. However, while this is a different America, it is reminiscent of another era when we transitioned from the malaise and weakness of one Jimmy Carter to one Ronald Reagan. Perhaps I should remind the Ayatollah of Reagan’s Operation Praying Mantis, April 18, 1988. I want you, our faithful reader, to contrast Reagan’s response to the mining in the Persian Gulf that struck USS Samuel Roberts to that of Barack Obama when 10 of our US Sailors were taken at gunpoint and placed on their knees. I’m not saying I’m a hammer looking for a nail. But, there are times when you must recognize the nature of the enemy positioned against you.

Here’s how we must move forward against Iran. It’s important to reinstate economic sanctions against Iran and push for diplomatic pressure. There are already other Nations who are enjoying economic trade with the number one global state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, but we cannot engage in such stupidity any longer. The fact that this Nation, rather this Obama administration, funnels billions of dollars to Iran is unconscionable. And we must send a clear message that you are either with us, or with them, and there are consequences with these choices — positive, or certainly negative.

We must seek ways in which we isolate Iran and drain them of support. The fact that under the Obama administration, Iran has been able to control several capitols in the Middle East is beyond belief — Sanaa, Yemen; Damascus, Syria; Beirut, Lebanon; and Baghdad, Iraq. This requires a strategic and operational plan that will cordon off Iran and limit its ability to export its goals and objectives — this is about being a deterrent. And yes, this does mean a showdown with Russia and China, since we know there’s collaboration between Iran and North Korea.

The tough thing is that on January 20, 2017, we will not be starting from a position of strength. We will have to fight to first establish our position once again in a world that has been confused by an absence of a coherent foreign policy.

And we need to realize, there is no Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Iranian nuclear agreement. This is not a treaty, thanks Senator Corker, it is nothing more than an executive agreement that is void with a new executive, and that is what we have. Furthermore, the Iranians have violated the “agreement” at every step, but just as with the venerable “red line” in Syria, Obama did nothing.

Here’s another example of Obama’s legacy, loudmouth Ayatollah Khatami and an economically stronger and emboldened Iran. Way to go Barack, way to go. After all, as you stated in your press conference yesterday, you and your team have done such a great job. Man, talk about being delusional.

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