DEMS ARE DONE: FBI Just Found Something DISGUSTING On Wasserman Schultz’s Hard Drives…


The FBI just found something that will end the democrats on Wasserman Schultz hard drives.

The FBI was focused on Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT guy, Imran Awan and his whole family in charges of financial fraud schemes in connection with Pakistan. When they showed up at Awan’s house what they found something disgusting!

From Liberty Writers:

Imran Awan had smashed all of his hard drives.

Oh yeah, well that doesn’t sound criminal at all. First, there is that video of DWS threatening the DC Police Chief to give her a laptop back or else she would leverage her position and now this?

When will she be arrested? There are so many Democrats involved in illegal scandals that we could fill an entire prison. Let’s get the show on the road and put these people away!

You will never hear a word of this from the liberal news. You’ll never hear word about Susan Rice refusing to testify. You will only hear Donald Trump jr.  and Jared Kushner are going to be on Capitol Hill testifying.

No destroyed emails, no destroyed phones, no smashed computers, just an honest testimony. The media will all report one-sided, you will never hear about all of the investigations. They refuse to report that Debbie Wasserman in Florida smashed all her stuff like Hillary, why do Democrats destroy their equipment??

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