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IRONY: Transgender Cop Holds Pro-Transgender Rally, Provides Security… You’ll Be Horrified To See How They Treated Her Afterward



It’s hard to find a “safe space” these days.

If you’re a crystalline, liberal bed-wetter, it seems that everything is “triggering” or “traumatic.”

So it’s probably no surprise that when a police officer showed up at a “Transgender Day of Remembrance,” they were all triggered and unhappy because everyone knows how much cops hate gay people… or something.

Anyway, this happened out in Los Angeles and there’s a twist to this story that is awesomely ironic.

LAPD Officer Christine Garcia, who “transitioned” to a female last year, was one of the original organizers of the event and helped to provide security detail as the group marched down the street.

But at the end of the march, when Officer Garcia – again, who is transgender  – tried to enter the building hosting the event as a member of the LGBTQ community, she was told to leave.

Why? They said her police uniform “could upset others in attendance,” the LA Times is reporting.

When other organizers found out what happened, they apologized:

“We do not wish to ever make any community member feel unwelcome … these officers are valued members of our community,” Delores Jacobs, chief executive officer of the LGBT center, said in a statement.

Jacobs said it was a “misunderstanding.” See, they have a policy of “inclusion” which apparently also includes excluding people who are triggered when they are included. Or something.

“While we need to support those that are uncomfortable and honor their reactions to valid and understandable difficult previous experiences, we also need to explain that… our LGBTQ San Diego police liaisons are a valued part of our community,” Jacobs wrote.

Longtime LGBTQ activist, City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez, said the incident was an outrage.

“Any officer, be they gay or straight, should be welcomed into our community center in uniform,” he said. “They protect our community and neighborhoods and make San Diego a better place.”

Here’s an interview with Officer Garcia:

Murray-Ramirez said relations between the LGBTQ community and the Police Department have vastly improved over the last several decades, in part because of the work done by liaisons such as Garcia.

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