Discovery Of BIBLICAL Proportions Found After What’s Unearthed In Israel


VIA| Archaeologists have made an incredible discovery of biblical proportions – hat they found is simply AMAZING! You’ll have to see it to believe it…

Reports of an incredible discovery are going viral after a few archeologists started digging in the dirt. Much to their surprise, things would take a turn as they realized the significance of what they were unearthing – and it’s turned out to be a massive find of biblical proportions.

Despite Christianity being around for about 2,000 years now, there are many people out there that would have us believe the Bible consists of a series of made up stories. However, the longer time goes on, it seems that historians are learning that the text within is not only founded on fact but backed by archeological finds.

Most recently adding to this is a discovery in Gezer, Israel. The amazing find was made by the Tandy Museum of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from Fort Worth, Texas. Everything they’ve found not only points to Biblical truth but has led them to only one plausible theory.

According to excavation co-director Professor Steve Ortiz, they unearthed a massive palace style structure that they believe could have belonged to King Solomon himself. Although there’s no way to distinguish this for sure, the site that has since been deemed “Solomon’s Palace” is now being offered as proof that the Bible is based on actual history.

As reports indicate, the excavation area was littered with Philistine pottery. Come to find out, that area used to be controlled by the Philistines until the Pharaoh of Egypt gifted the land to Solomon’s wife. Solomon rebuilt the city and erected what is believed to be a palace there.

Ortiz once again reiterated that there was no way to validate the theory, but seeing how the structure was significantly larger than the size of normal houses of the time, it suggests it was home to someone of great importance. However, that’s not all that point to this reality.

New Historian further reports:

Additionally, the team suggests that the evidence of destruction found within the rooms in the complex could be associated with the Shishak invasion in 925 BCE, when the Pharaoh launched an invasion of Israel and Judah. This is another event depicted in the Old Testament.

Of course, seeing how the building was found mostly empty, theorists suggest that occupants knew the invasion was coming and cleared out before losing everything. Either way, the theory seems to be backed by the Bible. Even better yet, the find further validates that the Christian text is a documentation of factual events.



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