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Disturbing Details Emerge About Hidden New Mexico Vault Owned By Church Of Scientology


It is important to be respectful of other people’s religion even if you disagree with them on some things. That being said, I think we can all agree that the Church of Scientology is a little “out there”.

For many years, people in New Mexico have wondered who owns a large swath of land that contains strange interlocking circles and a private air strip.

Turns out it’s owned by the Church of Scientology and we are learning some surprising things about what’s located on the property.

From KOAT 7:

It turns out county records show it’s owned by the Church of Spiritual Technology, an organization affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

At the entrance to the property there is a gate and a sign that says private property. There is no mention it belongs to the church. Out there two surveillance cameras can be seen.

KOAT reached out to the Scientology Church in New Mexico got an email back with a link to its website.

The site says the property’s purpose is to “create and maintain an archive of Scientology scripture for future generations,” and they do that by using “more than 135 tons of archival books, stainless steel plates and nickel-plated records, which in turn, are “stored in 2,300 titanium capsules housed in calamity-proof vaults.”

The request for an on-camera interview and tour of the vaults were denied. However, a select group of New Mexicans were invited back in the ‘90s.

Kind of odd…

There is a lot of secrecy that takes place in the Church of Scientology to go along with the religion’s very interesting origin.

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