DELINGPOLE: Climate Change Deniers Should Be Executed ‘Gently’ says Eric Idle


Climate change believer and comedian Eric Idle believes people who deny climate change should be murdered.

Eric idle isn’t only a comedian. He is also the actor who portrayed Willie Wonka in the beloved American classic about a boy and his candy fantasy. Not to mention Monty python.

Believing all the BS surrounding climate change, even though there is proof this hoax was designed by democrats as a form of propaganda, is your right as an American living in a country supported by democracy. However believing that someone who shares a different belief deserves to executed is unbelievable.

Whether you believe that this should be done humanely or not doesn’t negate the fact that this kind of reasoning is murderous. Did he mean that as an analogy for something less dramatic? Probably. Be careful of the words you use when referring to your political opinion.

Via Breitbart:

Climate change denial is a “crime against humanity” which should be punishable by trial in a world court says Monty Python’s, Eric Idle.

But it’s OK. Even though he does apparently believe that the punishment for such “stupidity and ignorance” should be death, Idle generously insists that these deniers should be “put down” humanely.

Is he talking about euthanasia? Putting none believers down like dogs?

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