Crowed Goes WILD After Reporter Refuses To Cover This At TRUMP Rally…



If we thought liberals branding everything they disagree with as racist was bad in the past, they’ve put that rhetoric on steroids this election.

We’ve been told that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump hates Mexicans. Why? Because he wants to stop illegal immigration — a position with which most legal immigrants agree.

We’ve been told he hates Muslims. Why? Because he proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration from terrorist hotbeds until we can “figure out” proper vetting to safeguard Americans here.

He also apparently hates women. The evidence for this? He’s just as mean to some women as he is to his male rivals.

And, of course, we’re told Trump hates blacks. And there’s not even a single shred of “evidence” (even by liberal standards) for this one.

It’s worth noting that during this election, most of Trump’s scandals have involved nothing more than things Trump has said — while Hillary’s have involved things she’s done. While Jesse Jackson was praising Donald Trump for his commitment to diversity and inclusion in 1999, what was Hillary doing? Referring to young blacks as “super predators” as she supported a crime bill signed into law by her husband in 1994. Even she couldn’t defend the bill, stating “I’m sorry for the consequences that were unintended and that had a very unfortunate impact on people’s lives” back in April.

If there’s anyone whose been bad for blacks, it hasn’t been Trump, whose been too busy employing them to ruin their lives legislatively.

But listen to the media narrative and you won’t hear that story. Why? Because the media will do everything they can to give the impression that there isn’t a single minority planning on voting for Trump next Tuesday. Naturally, this narrative means the media must ignore minorities at Trump rallies (or dismiss them as not representative).

With that in mind, it’s satisfying to watch them get called out. As Mad World News reported: The mainstream media has also been called out for their obvious bias by Trump himself, and it seems his supporters, especially those in the black community, couldn’t agree more.

So, when a group of those supporters busted Hillary’s pet media for what they were pulling at Trump’s North Carolina rally, they rightfully laid into them, putting them on blast. Luckily for us, it was all caught on video. As you watch, notice the reporter’s facial expression and mannerisms because her body language speaks volumes.

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