A bombshell just hit the Hillary Clinton campaign that hits both her current run at the Presidency and the legacy, at least what is left of it, of her husband Bill Clinton. just reported its independent investigation revealed “Bill Clinton’s staff used a decades-old federal government program…to subsidize his family’s foundation and an associated business, and to support his wife’s private email server.”

The report was created from a request made through the Freedom of Information Act exposing the abuse of the Former President’s Act.

Politico is claiming it found that taxpayer cash was used for things such as IT equipment as well as supplemental pay for staff members.

The FPA was put in place to help former President’s make ends meet if they ever found themselves falling on tough times.

In essence, it is there to preserve the image of the office after they actually leave office. After all, it benefits no one in this country to have a former president look destitute.

According to the report, Bill Clinton has requested a total of $16 million since he has left office, more than any other living President since Jimmy Carter.

Another major concern about this from a taxpayer perspective is when staff members are added to the GSA payroll, they are in essence now federal employees.

So, in addition to taking their fair share of the $96,000 stipend former Presidents are allowed for staff members, these “employees” are now entitled to full federal benefits… and guess who pays for those?

Clinton, according to the report, currently has 10 of his staff members on this payroll, compared to Bush who has four.

Once again, the Clinton’s have been proven to abuse not only the system, but the pockets of We the People.

Just another slap in the face to every American, but my guess is the mainstream media will skip right over this even though it should be question one on any forum or debate moderators list.

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