Coach Lines Up Disrespectful Team & Says Not to Move for 2 ½ Minutes—What Happens Next? #CHILLS


As he makes strikingly clear in the 4-minute video below, basketball will only get you so far.

The coach was incredibly disappointed with the overall response of college basketball players to the National Anthem. The pre-game routine became so standard to most of them, that it started to completely lose its meaning on the court.

“I wanted the players to understand how fortunate they were to be able to play this great game, to earn a scholarship, and to have people pay money to watch them play,” said Williams. “Everything comes at a cost and each and every one of us is fortunate that someone else, in some way, is sacrificing something so we can go about our everyday lives.”

He was tired of watching players sway back-and-forth, mess with their shorts, roll their eyes, and slouch irreverently while the anthem was playing—so he decided to do something about it. Williams knew he couldn’t change the whole league, but he could change his team.Watch as this coach knocks some serious respect into these boys by bringing them face-to-face with the strangers who sacrificed their own lives for their freedom.

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