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CNN records Reports to be Islam friendly and Twitter blasts them for it


CNN is the leading source for all things “fake.”

Recently During the flint airport stabbing the assailant was reportedly heard saying “Allahu Akbar l” which is praise to the Islamic God Allah. Instead of reporting the actual facts, CNN decided to use Twitter and explain the event as witnesses hearing “something in Arabic.” Why would they feel the need to leave out information that was reported?

Via Daily Caller:

CNN’s Twitter account tried to get away with saying the Flint airport stabber “said something in Arabic” right before he attacked a policeman, but fellow social media users quickly corrected the network Wednesday.

Reports indicated that witnesses heard the stabber shout “Allahu Akbar” before he attacked, but CNN chose to write “something in Arabic” instead.


Preliminary indications are Michigan airport suspect said something in Arabic before stabbing officer, officials say.

What a bunch of BS that liberals just but into without bothering to do any research in the matter.

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