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CNN Host Says Radical Islam Isn’t A Problem, Then Gets Ass KICKED by Guest On LIVE TV


CNN may be the worst news source in the media today.

Fake news has been present for quite some time. One source for fake news has been CNN. Publishing anti-American, anti-Trump, pro-Islam leftist crap without having facts to defend their slander.

Recently Pamela Geller, a political activist known for her extreme anti-Islamic point of view, metaphorically kicked one CNN host’s ass for having the nerve to say ‘Islam isn’t a problem’ while interviewing her.

Watch Here:

Pamela Geller is most well known for organizing an event known as Draw Mohammed day in Garland, Texas. Islamists believe that drawing this prophet is a great crime that has been punished by death in certain countries when one was caught doing so.

Pamela Geller organizing such a bold community event held in complete defiance of this belief shows what a complete badass she really is.

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