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CNN Edits Out New Evidence In Michael Bown Case That Proved He Was A Theif


CNN has officially been Identified as the leader in fake news.

CNN has been caught red handed peddling a story the country now knows was altered to appear more tame than is reality. This fake news story caused violent riots by citizens who believed CNN’s BS.

Mike Brown was shot and killed by police after he was caught robbing a convinent store. New footage shows that Mike Brown did in fact have a weapon as was shot in self defense.

CNN would like you to believe that footage from the previous night is the only surveillance found. False. Although there was footage from the night before their is also footage from the night of that they convinently left out of the story.

Via Red State Watcher:

CNN is promoting this fake documentary, “Stranger Fruit“, that uses heavily edited footage of an earlier Mike Brown visit to the store. According to the documentary Mike Brown was exchanging marijuana for store product at 1:13am the night (early morning) prior to his return and strong arm robbery of the same store. The footage is edited to give the appearance of store employees accepting weed as barter for product. This is false.

Secondarily, the producer of the video, Jason Pollock, is claiming the police never released the earlier in the day CCTV footage and instead tried to hide it. Again, this is false. Both the Grand Jury and the FBI were given -and reviewed- all of the CCTV footage including footage from the 1:13am visit. However, CNN is promoting the falsehoods by the documentary producers in an effort to stir trouble.

Well, their collective antagonism worked.

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