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CNN Cuts Off Bernie Sanders Live On Air For Saying CNN Is Fake News! (VIDEO)


Hey CNN if liberals call you fake news and conservatives call you fake news, how are you still on the air?

In typical CNN fashion Bernie Sanders is taken off the air in an embarrassing display of unprofessionalism after airing his opinion that they are a fake news source. That’s the thing about live news, doesn’t always go the way you were expecting.

Interesting that CNN is being accused of fake news from BOTH parties, so who actually believes anything they have to say?

Via Gateway Pundit– CNN interviewed Bernie Sanders on Friday and asked him about General Flynn’s talks with Russia before taking office. They played a clip of President Trump saying he was unaware of the reports on General Flynn and asked Bernie Sanders if he thinks that’s a problem.

Bernie responded, “Well I don’t know. Maybe he was watching CNN fake news. What do you think? It was a joke!”

CNN’s Erin Burnett responded awkwardly saying, “I, I know it was a joke…I’m saying you don’t buy what he said obviously”

At this point Bernie Sanders couldn’t hear the CNN anchor and he kept asking, “Are we on?”

Watch Here:

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