CNN Asks Little Old Lady If She’s Excited For First Woman President… HER RESPONSE SPEAKS VOLUMES.



This is priceless. Honestly it is. Standing in line at the polls this woman was asked if she is excited for the first female president, to which she immediately responds. “no!” Her husband, just behind her quickly disagrees. Saying, “I am.”

I can definitely relate to this woman. Due to my gender most people have assumed that I was a clear Hillary R. Clinton supporter.

I have spent the last ong day of my life glued to the television. I was a #neverHillary girl. The thought of that woman representing me, my gender, and my gender was literally nauseating. But I didn’t have a great deal of hope. I was torn between a third party vote and Donald Trump. But the media made it seem impossible for Donald Trump to win this election.

They were wrong. Donald Trump has been elected as the next president of The United States of America. The people have spoken, and they were not quiet. An election that was predicted to be a clear victory for Hillary R. Clinton came out in favor of the underdog. And everyone was shocked. It is historic.

Just because someone fits a certain demographic does not mean they are going to vote a certain way. For me to support Hillary R. Clinton because of my gender is ridiculous. In fact, I feel like I was less likely to vote for her knowing she would be representing my gender.

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  1. Nana

    November 9, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    I have been watching food channel and crime tv for the past several days. I see no need to listen to political analysts who just seem to like to hear their own voices, and one analyst is going to proclaim why hilary will win, the next will be proclaiming for Trump. It is much worse election day, and just gets worse as the day goes on. Same with polls. Just now, the reporter says how stunned everyone is, as the polls certainly had hilary in the lead. Well, not the polls done by conservative entities!!! For many months, I have heard analysts saying those behind Trump are a small faction–no one on the left paid any attention to how many “deplorables” there are in the US of A. They weren’t not listening to We the People about how wrong the direction of government has been, and it has been in a decline for even more than 8 years. There were those such as hilary who insisted We the People had no idea what we need/want, but that with her many years in politics, SHE knows what we need, therefore should want.

    Looking forward to what a President who is not a career politician (or even one with such a short time as politician as obama) can do for We the People!!! We the People need to make sure we hold his feet to the fire, that he presides as promised!!!!

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