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Chuck Schumer Has Drinks With George Soros’ Son


Corruption runs deep in the Senate and it seems to start with Senator Chuck Schumer.

Meanwhile one of the most corrupt men in the country is nine other than Gerorge Soros. Therefore is comes as no surprise to find out the Soros son Alex Soros doesn’t only donate millions to the Democratic Party but is also on a very friendly basis with Senator Schumer. Follow the breadcrumbs and you’ll see that all the corruption in the Democratic Party link these specific people.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Alex Soros posted the photo to his Instagram account with the caption: ‘Always great to catch up with Senator Chuck Schumer who has seized the moment as the head of the Democrats in the Senate and masterfully helped preserve the assault on our nations values and democracy. Thank you Chuck!’

Via Daily Caller:

Don’t let the white wine, craft cocktails, and obliterated stare fool you: Schumer has previously called for bans of powdered alcohol and college Freshman blackout sensation ‘Four Loko.’

Meanwhile, according to campaign finance records, Alex gave more than $4.5 million to Democratic campaign committees and political action committees in 2016, of which the Senate Majority PAC, the political action committee of former Senator Harry Reid, was the largest benefactor with checks totaling $3.5 million.

Of the $4.5 million, $127,800 went to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and another $133,400 to the Democratic National Committee Services Corp. Maximum campaign contributions of $5,400 were doled out by Alex to various Democratic politicians, including failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former Senator Russ Feingold, Rep. Keith Ellison, and apparent alcohol lightweight Chuck Schumer.

When will the evidence be enough to remove these people from their political power trip?

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