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China Plans To Build World’s Largest Waste-to-Energy Plant


Shenzhen has decided to deal with the problem of waste pollution by incinerating as much as 5,000 tonnes of waste each day. This will pave way for the biggest waste to energy plant in the entire world. It is said to transform atleast one third of people’s trash in electricity that can be conveniently utilized. The fact that it will result in the release of carbon dioxide hurts its case; though, it is still good enough to do away with dumps and landfills.

The plant is said to be set up by year 2020. Though, this is not so much about producing electricity but it has more to do with honing in on the fix to the serious issue of trash. Not to mention, a landfill accounted for the life of many people. This plant will now be built over a time period of three years. Just so you know, a number of different countries have been utilizing this process in order to put things right. Chris Hardie from the Denmark based company called Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects does not believe that such plants are a viable solution, though.

He mentioned, “They are a way of dealing with waste and using this process to generate electricity as a byproduct of the process. Cities have to move towards more recycling and reducing their waste for sure – and of course developing more sources of renewable energy. That is sort of the point we are making by proposing this be the first waste-to-energy plant that has a renewable component to it.”

The concept behind this belief is that the incinerator would not only get rid of the waste but it would offer sustainable and usable energy. Despite the importance of such technology, it is important to come up with ways to prevent such instances of waste production.


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