Check Out The U.S. Navy’s NEW RAIL GUN Strikes At 7 TIMES THE SPEED OF SOUND … 7 TIMES!! [VIDEO]


Do not mess with America unless you are prepared to feel the full might of the US Navy.

Weapon advancement has been a key player in every war throughout history. Although the other world powers have similar if not the same weapons as America there are still a few advancements to be made.

Such is the case with the new railgun the US Navy will start equipping its fleet with. Using this newly advanced railgun with seven times the firing capability allows for closer more precise targeting and it’s cost effective.

Via ALT Drudge:

The rail gun — propelled by an electromagnetic pulse and striking its targets at seven times the speed of sound — introduces what could prove to be a smaller, cheaper, but more destructive weapon that can replace the large, expensive missiles currently stocked on Navy ships.

Watch Here:

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