CHECK THIS OUT: Is This What Hillary Rallies Are Like?- LOL!!



Trump supporters are having a really hard time believing the polls when they look at the rallies for Trump and see tens of thousands show up, and compare to Hillary, who can barely fill a 500 seat room.

And although we don’t have a great track record doubting the polls (see 2012), maybe this time things will be different.

That’s why so many find this meme catching fire on the internet so hilarious – check it out:

hillary rally


I’m not sure if this picture is accurate though – there are way too many people there! LOL!!

But it’s true – to vote for Hillary is to have your head in the sand and ignore how the world is going down the drain because of Obama’s policies, which Hillary wants to perpetuate.

What do you think? Do Hillary supporters just have their head in the sand? Let us know in the comments section below!

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