THE CATS OUT OF THE BAG- Islamic Teens Clam “Hate Crime” LIBERAL Media NOW Forced To Tell TRUTH.


Source| After a pair of Muslim teens were beaten to a pulp outside of a Brooklyn Mosque, their family and even Muslim advocacy groups were demanding police investigate the “hate crime.” However, just weeks after the Muslims were given what they wanted, they received a nasty surprise that nipped their entitlement in the bud.

After Muslim jihadists commit mass murder, expect to hear them whine incessantly about how persecuted they are in the West. So, when 2 Muslim teens were brutally beaten right outside of their mosque early one Sunday morning, the liberal media was all over the alleged hate crime to prove just how Islamophobic and racist Americans are. Unfortunately for them, their speculation majorly backfired.

Jumping to conclusions, the Independent cleverly compared the incident to “a string of anti-Muslim violence,” which pathetically included just 2 cases. Although they acknowledged that the police didn’t suspect that religion was a factor, many outlets ran with the assumption that the attack was due to Islamophobia.

On July 3 at 1:18 a.m., a pair of Muslim boys were beaten while mosque director Mohamed Bahe said he heard the attacker scream, “You f***ing terrorists” and “You Muslims are the cause of all the problems in the world.” Christopher Vallaro, 31, left the 16-year-old and 17-year-old, who remain unnamed, bloodied and bruised on the ground.

Vallaro turned himself in on July 7, prompting police to respond to the cries for justice from the Muslim community. Now, they are getting exactly what they demanded — just not in the way they wanted.

The liberal media has been forced to admit that the alleged anti-Muslim “hate crime” was not only dismissed by investigators but that police are launching another investigation, this time into allegations that the Muslim teens sexually assaulted Vallaro’s girlfriend, causing him to defend her.

Muslim Brats Who Claimed Beating Was 'Hate Crime' Just Got Some Nasty News

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  1. Jim Wilson

    July 22, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    Next thing that will happen……..Muslim and Blacks will join forces claiming hate crimes against them while leaving out they had beaten and raped an innocent girl!

  2. Piney Pearl

    July 23, 2016 at 5:33 am

    Sounds like these two got what was coming to them… if they sexually assaulted the guys girlfriend, they are lucky he didn’t kill them…. If it was her father, he probably would have… Seriously doubt that the boyfriend was running away screaming names at the crowd that was coming out to see what was going on…. He might have been screaming Rapest, but doubt he was screaming fcking terrorist, unless he was referring to them terrorizing women by raping them. I hope the cops can charge these two with the sexual assault. And by the way, I do not care what their ideology or religion is, or their race…. if a boyfriend is taking care of his girlfriends rapest by a good old fashion ass whipping then so be it !!! They got off easy as far as I am concerned.

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