Bullying Experiment Tests Public Response To Girl Being Attacked It will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Would you stop to help a girl being bullied? All of us would probably insist that we would. But, when push came to shove, would you actually do it? A social experiment has been conducted that actually tested if people would help out a girl being attacked, and the results will instantly make you proud.

The various videos and social experiment were made and conducted by UpTV in order to raise awareness of bullying.

They featured two teenagers picking on a younger girl while they sat at a bus stop near to a bystander. These teenagers repeatedly hurled abuse at the young girl, as they told her that she didn’t have any friends, needed to wear make-up, and couldn’t sing.

The experiment was conducted to test the responses of the bystanders who were sat or stood within earshot of the abuse, and thankfully those close to the attacks soon started to intervene and defended the young girl from the attacks she was taking.

UpTV released a series of videos documenting their experiments, some of which have since been watched over 400,000 times in just 24 hours. You can watch one of the videos below. It will immediately make your day umpteen times better.

Directed and produced by Rob Bliss Creative, the videos also provide a link to a section of UpTV’s website that offers advice on how to tackle bullies.

And if the social experiment’s ambition was to make you realize that the world can sometimes be a glorious place to live, then it succeeded wholeheartedly.

In each clip, you can see the teenage girls constantly berate the poor child, asking her, “Do you have any friends at all?” before adding, “Ones that aren’t imaginary or your family.”

They then attacked her musical ability, stating that people in her dance team ha
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