BRILLIANT Meme Gives Liberals The History Lesson They Desperately Need…



The first reason, without a doubt, is that I could never justify being a member of a party with such a dark, violent, and racist history.

They valiantly try to spin it, but Democrats can’t escape the fact that they are the party of institutional racism, slavery, and the KKK.

Now, some Democrats make the argument that it was a long time ago but that’s not good enough for a lot of people.

The Republican Party has a rich history of fighting for equal rights and that’s where this meme picks up.

It’s a good one. Spread it around.


Nailed it.

Something to keep in mind is that LBJ is often credited with signing the Civil Rights Act and all that but in reality he was an extremely racist person.

Not only was he quoted saying the “N word” many times but the guy fought tooth and nail against civil rights when he was a senator and he only turned around and signed it when it became politically beneficial.

Read up on it.  Fascinating stuff.

Liberals love to give this nonsensical argument that the parties switched and connect it to the southern strategy and all that but it’s pure nonsense.

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