BREAKING VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Just Admitted to Being a War Criminal on LIVE TV!



During her interview with Matt Lauer last night, which was a total disaster for her even though Lauer threw her softball questions the whole night, she actually ADMITTED to causing the Iraq War on TV!

That means she took the blame for the death of almost 7,000 American soldiers, losing $6 Trillion, and helping to start ISIS!

I’m not even kidding, guys. Just take a look for yourself:

Now tell me that was not absolutely epic. And What the hell was up with her standing up every 10 seconds? Is the stick up your butt hurting, Hillary?

We gotta share this out. She basically just admitted to the entire world that she is a war criminal not fit to clean my toilet, let alone be President.

In fact, let’s just lock this criminal up! If you want to lock her up to then share this on Facebook. Let’s make this baby a top trend.

Trump thanks you for your service!

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