BREAKING: This TERROR Group Just Took Responsibility For Israel’s RAGING Fires!!!





From the Independent:

An al-Qaeda linked militant group has claimed responsibility for starting a devastating fire in the Israeli city of Haifa that forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes.

Ma’sadat al-Mujahideen, a Palestinian Salafist group, has claimed to be behind several previous blazes in Israel, including the Mount Carmel forest fire that killed more than 40 people near Haifa in 2010.

There is no proof of the group’s involvement in the blaze, or others they claimed near Jerusalem in 2011 and in the American state of Nevada in the following year.

A previous statement from Ma’sadat al-Mujahideen demanded that Jewish people “return from whence they came since they have no place among us”, threatening to continue arson attacks in Israel and among the country’s allies.

Terrorism monitors at the Jamestown Foundation said the group’s claims were “questionable” but that it was fixated on the use of fire as a weapon of jihad.

At least 16 people have been arrested across Israel and the West Bank on suspicion of arson after fires were started across the region near Israeli homes and settlements.

The fires come amid heightened tensions in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories over more than a year of stabbing and car-ramming attacks by Palestinians and responding security crackdowns by Israeli forces.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Every fire that was caused by arson, or incitement to arson, is terrorism by all accounts. And we will treat it as such. Whoever tries to burn parts of Israel will be punished for it severely.”
Netanyahu visited an air base and met with pilots that were tasked with putting out the fires. He said of the fires: “There are elements of terror here, of that there is no doubt.” I hope Israel responds strongly once they verify who is behind this.

22 people have been arrested so far. There will surely be more. It’s a miracle that no one has been seriously hurt or killed. But hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed. I am praying for Israel and the people there. Once again they are persecuted for their faith and once again they will persevere.



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