BREAKING: What This Security Analyst Just Said Gave Obama The Worst Day Of His Life! The Rest Of His Vacation Is Ruined!


Obama’s flunkies are being removed one way or the other!

Wether they decide to quit or wait to be fired everyone whom Obama employed might want to decide to follow this mans example and quit. Did he choose anyone who didn’t put national security at risk? It seems that would be a no.

To be on the safe side Trump should remove everyone from the previous administration as they have demonstrated time and again that they just can’t be trusted.

Via USA Politics Today:

Former CIA analyst and retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer went on FOX Business to talk about the leaked call list of now ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn that showed him talking to Russia before he was sworn in.

Earlier today he resigned knowing full well that he was going to be fired by President Trump.

Barack Obama might want to stay on vacation and never come back because according to Shaffer this points right back to him.

Barack Obama’s White House is most likely behind the leaking of these calls and has been holding them until the right moment to try and undermine President Trump.

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