BREAKING – ‘Hidden’ Video EXPOSES Hillary’s Secret Plan to Ban Guns, It’s Going Viral


Project Veritas has done it again! They went undercover and got the lowdown right from the mouth of Russ Feingold, a former Senator who is once again running for office in 2016.

While infiltrating a fundraiser being held for Feingold, PV learned Hillary Clinton may use Executive Orders to pass any and all gun control laws the left wants to put in place…

Top of the list looks to be assault weapons, which I would assume includes the AR-15 since they are convinced that is what it is, unlimited ammunition, and the “gun show loophole.”

Amy Rao, who is a friend of Hillary Clinton and the person that was actually hosting the event, even expressed some concern that she did not feel Feingold was not being tough enough.

When asked why Feingold had that more lenient stance, another attendee, Leah Russin, stated, “He wants to be elected. He is from Wisconsin.”

So, imagine that, an elected official that is trying to represent what the people of his state want rather than what the elites of his party want. And here I always thought that was the point!

To this point, on the gun issue, Feingold stated, “…I go with the majority of the people of the state, which is very common sense.”

Wisconsin is a state packed with hunters… who vote. Were he to go public with a strong anti-gun stance, he would have ZERO chance of winning the election.

By limiting his personal stance to background checks, which few if any people have a problem with, he can possibly win the election and somewhat save face in his party during the election cycle. However, the problem as I see it is what will happen when the party puts pressure on him if he actually wins the election.

This is typical Democrat philosophy. If you agree with us great, but if you don’t, we will just use Executive Orders to ram our position down your throat. Feingold himself even admits, as well as Rao, that this is Hillary’s plan once she gets into office.

Get ready for a dictatorship patriots, because it may be beginning in about three months of we do not take this election.



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