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BREAKING: Gingrich Uncovers Massive Plot To Sabotage President Trump Coming From…


Liberals are going completely off the deep end in regards to President Trump.

Once the Democratic Party realized that not only did Donald have a chance at winning but he was leading in the polls they started playing as dirty as possible in order to win. Even after leaking information illegally, demanding the IRS leak tax information (also illegal) they still can’t accept that they lost fair and square.

Now that Trump is in office one would think the liberals would go lick their wounds and regroup for the next election. Wrong. Instead, they are continuing to sabotage Trump with leaks and treasonous behavior. If President Trump has any hope of fulfilling his job as POTUS it’s time to crack down and remove these people from their place of power.

Via World News Politics:

 Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said, “He is surrounded by people who wish to destroy his administration. They are leaking like crazy … And I think if you were Donald Trump, you’d be pretty furious and you’d feel like the old orders against you.”

Newt said this is a pattern, this leaky behavior has been going on a long time. And it must be stopped. Remember the IRS going after conservative groups?

Gingrich said, “If you look at the process of the leaks, by the way, all breaking the law, and calling on IRS agents to break the law and leak President Trump’s taxes, the left has gone crazy since the election,”

Liberals have taken it too far this time. Being unable to admit that they lost to Donald Trump has caused them some form of mental illness.

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