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BREAKING: Florida Airport Shooter Had Converted To Islam


The Obama administration, using the FBI as their proxy, have been peddling the story that the Ft. Lauderdale shooter was insane, heard voices. They gave some hard to believe story that he went to the FBI and said the US government was making him watch ISIS video.

It didn’t make any sense. And now this,

Judicial Watch is reporting the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooter is a Muslim convert who before joining the U.S. Army took on an Islamic name (Aashiq Hammad), downloaded terrorist propaganda and recorded Islamic religious music.

Public records dug up by the investigative news site of an award-winning, California journalist, exposed Obama’s story for what it is: propaganda.

He doesn’t want another Muslim terror attack to remind everyone how weak and ineffectual he was against that dire threat.

So the FBI comes up with some nonsense and peddles it to the press.

The truth always comes out. Obama is anyone should know that by now.

Jim Morlock said,

“Since when does a US Senator Bill Nelson, not law enforcement, be the one to so quickly release this terrorist’s Hispanic name but nothing about his more relevant Islamic background?”

This needs to be looked into right now.

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