Watch out! This is what is in store if you mess with the wrong country!

Having allies is always beneficial. When it comes to the playground it never hurts to have some friends.

In this case your friends happen to be the MVP when it comes to the world’s playground. At the end of the day it really is all about who you know and what they have to offer.

Any country thinking about taking advantage of America’s new President might want to think twice because he knows how to play the game.

This military drill, which incorporates several other countries working together as one, will annihilate any enemy that dares to oppose.


As U.S. tensions with Iran rose last week, 17 ships from the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Australia launched a major war game just 50 miles from the Iranian coast. The ships steamed together in wedge formation in the first rehearsal of the exercise dubbed “Unified Trident.”

HMS Ocean, a British amphibious assault ship carrying about 750 personnel, 150 of them Royal Marines, led the way. About 500 yards behind was the French destroyer FS Forbin, and about 500 yards behind was the U.S. destroyer USS Mahan. Another 500 yards behind was the Australian destroyer HMAS Arunta. Each carried about 300 sailors. Another destroyer, an Aegis cruiser, a supply ship, mine sweepers, patrol boats, and Coast Guard cutters made up the flanks.

The USS Mahan fired three warning shots at four Iranian Revolutionary Guard fast-attack vessels as they attempted to harass the destroyer last month in the Strait of Hormuz. The Mahan was escorting two other Navy vessels and an oil tanker. The last provocation of a U.S. warship by Iranian vessels occurred in August.

The incident appeared to be a part of the exercise commanders were now conducting, even as they denied it had anything to do with Iran. “It’s not a show of force to the Iranians at all,” the exercise’s logistical planner, British Royal Navy Lt. Cmdr. Ant Wallace, told the journalists aboard the HMS Ocean on the first day of the exercise.

Via Breitbart:

Although the ships moved about five football-fields away from each other, they were well within sight from the USS Mahan, where a small group of journalists, including from Breitbart News, observed the exercise.

As the Mahan neared exactly 500 yards behind the Forbin, a young sailor on deck squinted into binoculars and shouted the exact distances as it closed in.

Most of the sailors on the ship, clad in blue jumpsuits, appeared to be in their twenties. Driving the ship was 20-year old Seaman Rondo Parker, from Columbus, Ohio.

The ship’s captain, U.S. Navy Cmdr. Marc Davis, explained to the journalists that the ships, which all belonged to the battle group currently tasked with regional security, don’t normally travel so close together.

However, it was one part of the three-day exercise that began last Tuesday, focused on defeating and deterring a fictitious enemy force.

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  1. Douglas

    February 11, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Like it! These DNA challenged islam countries, only understand power and force. And only respect it.

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