BOOM! This Marine just Backed Trump in YUGE WAY!


If you’re still doubting whether or not this immigration ban is a good idea, listen to what this Marine has to say.

If you don’t want to listen to President Trump fine than how about a 10 year Marine whose in Iraq and has a dead on point of view.

According to Daily Wire- Steven Gern, a 10-year veteran of the Marine Corps working in Iraq, uploaded a video (below) to his Facebook page on Wednesday talking about President Trump’s immigration order and Gern’s own experiences asking locals how Americans are dealt with in the countries that were on the watch list.

In the short time it’s been on Facebook, the clip has been viewed over 35 million times, racked up over 1.4 million shares, 250 thousand “likes,” and almost 60 thousand comments.

Watch Here:


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