BOOM: Thanks To The Quick Thinking Of A Teacher, Shooting Suspect Was STOPPED!



The 14-year-old boy who authorities say wounded a teacher and two pupils Wednesday at a South Carolina elementary school fired his weapon directly into a classroom but was prevented from getting inside, school administrators told NBC News.

The teacher and two boys were shot and wounded at Townville Elementary School in Anderson County, authorities said. One of the boys was critically wounded. The suspect’s father was later found dead in his home.

Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper said that the shooter never made it into the building but that it was possible that “some rounds went down a hallway or in a window.”

They did, said Joanne Avery, superintendent of Anderson School District 4 — because the shooter fired “directly into a classroom.”

Image: Jacob Hall remains in critical condition after the South Carolina school shooting
Jacob Hall remains in critical condition after the South Carolina school shooting.

“He tried to fire his way into the classroom,” Avery told NBC News. But “he was never allowed to access the building, and that’s because the staff knew how to lock down the school.”

The school was so tightly locked down, in fact, that “law enforcement said when they got there … they couldn’t even get into the building,” she said.

Although they’d never dreamed that they’d ever need to put it to use, everyone at the school has been through active shooter response training, Avery said. And when the moment arose, “we were prepared.”

That training probably saved the lives not only of many children inside the school, but also of the young unidentified boy who remained in critical condition Wednesday night at Greenville Health System Children’s Hospital.

“Our school nurse and the other folks were right there and held that student’s artery to keep him from bleeding out — they saved his life,” Avery said.

“Clearly, without question, the staff and the principal acted instantly,” she said. “And if they hadn’t trained and known how to react in a situation like this, it could have been a much worse tragedy.”

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