BOOM!! Hillary’s DELETED Emails Were JUST Made Public!!



It’s been a constant refrain on the stump as Trump accuses Hillary of hiding criminal acts in the 33,000 emails she deleted, and now we’re going to get our first look at the trove of information that she wanted to keep from the American public!

Of course the document dump happened on a Friday – but the good news is, now we know there is something to hide in Hillary’s emails.

These were recovered by the FBI, but they don’t represent all the emails, and there still might be gaps of information that will be still recovered.

Already journalists are finding odd things – look at how an NBC producer praises Hillary up and down:

hillary emails

Now compare that to the producer from Fox News:

hillary emails

Isn’t it odd that the NBC producer fawns all over Hillary while the Fox News request is all business? It’s almost as if Queen Hillary demands and expects her subjects in the media to prostrate themselves before her!!

Here’s more on her growing email scandal:

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