BOOM! Charles Barkley Just SHUT DOWN NBA’s Angry Trump Protesters With The Truth!



When he saw that there were basketball coaches in the NBA who were very unhappy with Donald Trump’s election victory, he decided to put them in their place.

And it was excellent.


Barkley told these guys who so desperately hated the idea of a Trump presidency, that they need to give Trump a chance.

We haven’t even seen what he can do, so why are they being so hard on him? Running up to the Presidency, I can see criticizing the guy, because he was one of many we could choose. However now that he’s been elected, we don’t have any choice but to wait and see.

Watch the video below:


Anyone who knows me knows that I was extremely critical of Trump, but now that he’s the incoming President, we just have to wait and make sure that we hold his feet to the fire when it comes to keeping the campaign promises he made.

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