BOMBSHELL: Private Facebook Message From Top NBC Official Proves Trump Was Right All Along


What NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt has reportedly written on his private Facebook page proves that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke truthfully earlier this week when he blasted the “corrupt media” for trying to rig the election against him.

“The sad state of affairs thanks to a pompous businessman turned reality-TV star (whose show consistently ran LAST in its time period, by the way) who thinks speaking his mind is refreshing,” Greenblatt wrote, according toPage Six.

“It’s actually corrosive and toxic because his ‘mind’ his so demented; and his effect will unfortunately linger long after he’s been told to get off the stage,” he added.

What a biased and disingenuous hack. How dare he lambaste Trump as “demented” simply because he possesses the intrepidity to speak the politically incorrect but God-honest truth about issues such as illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism and anti-cop violence.

Amazingly, though not shockingly, Greenblatt reportedly wrote nothing about Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, whose numerous lies and scandals could likely fill an entire encyclopedia from front to back — and one day, probably will.

Instead Greenblatt aimed his ire solely at Trump — and only because Trump’s political views did not align with his own.

It is no wonder that so many liberal outlets have been scorching Trump left and right, all while ignoring Clinton. They clearly want her to win, to the point that any semblance of true journalism that may have once existed is long gone and buried.

As Conservative Tribune reported last week, the media is now little more than a vast machine designed solely to reinforce the positions held by the Democrat Party, the merits or lack thereof of these positions notwithstanding.

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  1. Ed Goolsny

    August 17, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    My Daughter has been playing with the idea to study journalism. Now seeing the way the media tries to bomb the masses with their idea of unbiased reporting but trying to influence the election process with very animalistic twist and untrue quotes I am not sure if send my daughter onto such a sespool.

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    February 10, 2017 at 11:58 am

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