BOMBSHELL: Hillary Just Got The Worst NEWS Of Here Campaign When She Arrived In Idaho


VIA| Huge news broke today that the FBI is re-opening the investigation into Hillary’s emails to check out some new information they discovered.

We still don’t have an explanation as to why they blew the investigation the first time but hey maybe second time is a charm.

Hillary Clinton was on her way to Iowa when the news broke.

When she got off the plane, a reporter asked her a question about it and she ignored it.

Turns out, she may not have had any idea what was going on until the moment she landed.

The plane she was on had no WiFi so her entire staff was in the dark.

From Washington Free Beacon:

CNN reporter Phil Mattingly said the Hillary Clinton campaign was “stunned” Friday by the news that the FBI was re-opening the investigation into the Democratic candidate’s private email server, adding the campaign plane did not have WiFi and thus the team had no idea about the news until it landed in Iowa.

“It’s kind of an incredible thing,” Mattingly said. “The plane did not have WiFi during the entire flight, so you had senior advisers, as well as Hillary Clinton, on the plane, and as the plane landed they were finding out about this.”

One Clinton adviser actually told Mattingly they were learning about the news at the same time as the press on the plane.

“They did not have advance notice of this. They seem similarly stunned,” Mattingly said. “We saw them huddling … They clearly were not aware of this in advance.”

How does Hillary’s plane not have WiFi?

That sounds like the most ridiculous thing in the world.

It’s 2016 and you’re running for president and you can’t figure out how to get internet in the air?

Yeah, let’s elect the person who can’t figure out the internet as president.

Looks like the Hillary team was taken completely by surprise.

Man, this campaign is such a joke in so many ways.

Stay tuned.

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