BOMBSHELL: Hacked Email Shows Hillary’s DNC Chair ACTUALLY Agrees With Trump…Wow!



The acting chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee has already been exposed by Fox News’ Megyn Kellyas a whiner who helped Hillary Clinton cheat in presidential forums by slipping a question to her in advance.

Now, thanks to new WikiLeaks email dumps, the former CNN and ABC commentator has been proven to be a liar for President Barack Obama, too – and an embarrassing one at that.

In an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta made public on Friday by Julian Assange’s secrets-exposing organization, Brazile describes the American economy in far different words than the glowing terms she used publicly in her job as a Democrat propagandist on network television.

In the email, dated Feb. 13, Brazile talks about the “despair” that characterizes life for low-income Americans in the eighth year of the Obama presidency.


If that sounds like a Donald Trump speech about life in the inner cities under Obama, that’s probably not a coincidence. Both Trump’s campaign addresses and Brazile’s behind-the-scenes email are much more realistic depictions of American economy than the rosier descriptions provided by the Obama Democrats for public consumption.

And, oddly enough, one of those Obama Democrats who are publicly cheerful about job-creation in Obama’s crypto-socialist state was Donna Brazile herself.

Brazile’s email contrasts sharply with one of her own Twitter postings from only a month earlier.

A Gosplan proclamation heralding the USSR’s latest 5-Year Plan couldn’t have put it better.

It should come as little surprise that the head of the DNC who’s a devout worshipper of Hillary Clinton would have the same kind of public vs. private positions for which the former secretary of state was recently exposed. Still, to see this kind of self-serving hypocrisy come to light in damning black and white can be jarring to the senses.

Americans dealing with a deluge of leaked material in the run-up to the election might not be too impressed with the Brazile email. She’s a Democrat lifer, after all. Any woman who could not only put up with Al Gore but actually manage his campaign for the presidency has to have a screw or two loose.

But there’s more going on here than politics as usual.

Brazile’s email isn’t some bash against Catholicism – she’s a Catholic herself (believe it or not.) And it doesn’t describe campaign dirty tricks, like making up fake “help wanted” ads to smear Trump and his campaign.

Offensive as those things are, they’re more or less par for the course when it comes to Democrats’ underhanded shenanigans.

What Brazile’s email really shows is just how hypocritical, how paper thin, the Democrat Party’s alleged concern for the poor really is — at the very top of the Democrat Party no less.

She admits that the jobs being created in an economy strangled by a Democrat president’s regulations are “low wage” and don’t come near to paying living expenses comfortably. She even admits to the “despair” that poor Americans are actually living in.

But only a month earlier, she was bragging about those same jobs – complete with an exclamation point – as though they were some kind of proof that the Obama economy was actually performing the way the American economy traditionally has.

To describe this duplicity as partisan smoke and mirrors does a disservice to smoke and mirrors.

Since it’s a good bet Ms. Brazile didn’t experience some kind of an epiphany between that Twitter posting and writing that email, the only logical conclusion is that she was lying, knew she was lying, and knew that millions of people were being hurt because of her lies.

And this is the woman who’s now working tirelessly to get Hillary Clinton elected – and condemn millions of those same poor people to yet more of the “despair” that Obama and his Democrats have inflicted on the country.

This phony who calls herself a Christian deserves to be persecuted.

h/t: LiveZette

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