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BOMBSHELL: Barack Obama Scandal EXPLODES! Even Trump Shocked!


President Obama LIED to America from the very beginning.

During his presidential campaign, Presiden Obama told Americans he would have the most transparent presidency, giving Americans full access into his dealings. What a load of crap. During his eight years in office, Obama was involved in numerous scandals despite his scandal free slogan. Now that he is out of office those scandals just keep coming to light.

Via Mega News Blog:

I mean, I’m sure he meant to tell everyone on Facebook that Obamacare information was being manipulated by paid flunkies. Transparency, right?

And speaking of Obamacare, remember Nancy Pelosi saying, “We’ll just have to pass it so we can see what’s in it”? Well, sure…transparency.

Or how about the “Fast & Furious Gun-Running Operation to Mexico gone wrong? Transparency.

Benghazi? Transparency.

Ransom Payments to Iran? Transparency.

From the FBI covering for Hillary to mainstream media’s involvement with the DNC, and even the DNC conspiring against Bernie Sanders,  but wait for there’s more, here is yet another scandal for the list.

The Obama administration in its final year in office spent a record $36.2 million on legal costs defending its refusal to turn over federal records under the Freedom of Information Act, according to an Associated Press analysis of new U.S. data that also showed poor performance in other categories measuring transparency in government.

For a second consecutive year, the Obama administration set a record for times federal employees told citizens, journalists, and others that despite searching they couldn’t find a single page of files that were requested.

And it set records for outright denial of access to files, refusing to quickly consider requests described as especially newsworthy, and forcing people to pay for records who had asked the government to waive search and copy fees.”

Obama was far from the most transparent President, in fact, he may be the shadiest President in US history. Obama’s presidency is synonymous with a traitor.

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  1. Nana

    March 18, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    I had read that some democrat politicians (currently in office) also had conversations/meetings with Russian officials. Were any of these conversations recorded, or only conservative conversations? I always choked on my coffee when an article (and there were many) where obama or some other person was touting the transparency of his administration. Most people of America are smart enough to know that when there is NO information about an activity, or where the administration refuses to discuss an activity–that is NOT transparency. Perhaps the liberal/socialists have their own version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary that has different definitions for words than the one everyone else uses? And, as usual, when some scandalous activity was going on, there was some controversial issue being big in the news to get everyone distracted from what was really going on. I do think Congress failed the American people also when so much was ignored about what obama was doing. Heck, he was penning executive orders he KNEW would not get anywhere in Congress, yet, there seemed to be little to no activity to halt his orders. Yet, we see that Congress and federal judges and any other number of people are stepping up to obstruct about every thing Trump does. Of course, what obama was doing wasn’t going to adversely affect the Congressmen’s comfy status, and Trump is upsetting the corrupt apple cart. Doesn’t matter if what he pens is actually going to be better for WE THE PEOPLE, he is being obstructed, just because they can do it. Shame on them.

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