BLM Protesters Crash Sessions Hearing — Ted Cruz Responds With Giggles And An Epic One-Liner [VIDEO]


Ted Cruz responded to the multiple protesters interrupting Jeff Sessions’ Tuesday attorney general confirmation hearing with laughter and a well-timed, verbal barb.

Ted Cruz (Getty Images)

Ted Cruz (Getty Images)

Shortly after Cruz began questioning Trump’s attorney general nominee, a man began shouting “Never Jeff Sessions! You are a racist!”

As Capitol Police escorted the man from the room, he continued to yell, “black lives matter! Black lives matter!”


Shortly after the first outburst, a woman, a second man AND a second woman were subsequently escorted from the Senate Chamber.

Jeff Sessions (Getty Images)

Jeff Sessions (Getty Images)

“Senators, do your jobs!” the fourth protester yelled on her way out the door.

Before continuing his line of questioning, Cruz noted that “free speech is a wonderful thing.”

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  1. Birgitta

    January 11, 2017 at 5:14 am

    Why do the let in protesters is that a Democratic way to interrupt everything. It’s starting to seem The Democrats is a bunch of scatter brain no good for anything idiots. We don’t need that . It’s makes America looks weak and our government like a kindergarten it’s so agrevating to us when we have to see this can games. Stop acting like morons and get your skit together.

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