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Blind Grandpa Is FINALLY About To See His Family, And It’ll Make You Cry Happy Tears.



hen doctors asked Winesi March what he’d do if he was ever able to see again, the blind man responded, “I know how to dance and I will dance on that day. I will dance a lot.”

Winesi has been waiting a very long time to see. Stricken with cataracts, Winesi hasn’t seen a sunrise, his family or his own face in about 14 years. The impoverished African man has been patiently waiting on a basic operation to remove his cataracts, thanks to the charity Sightsavers.

In this video he sees his wife’s face for the first time in over a decade and finally gets to see what his 18-month-old grandson for the very first time. In the video, Winesi happily proclaims “When I saw my wife today I thought to myself, I am meeting her twice. I am born again.”

His reaction and the pure joy from his family is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

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