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BIZARRE: Ntokozo Qwabe Shut Down a Law Lecture Class, Then STARTS WHIPPING WHITE STUDENTS Who Tried Recording It!



Ntokozo Qwabe, orchestrator of Oxford University’s ‘Must Fall Campaign,’ has again gained public attention via race bating spectacles, this time at University of Cape Town.

Qwabe and other “activists” interrupted a law lecture by dancing on tables.

The “activists” didn’t seem to want anyone to know about their activism, though, and when a student began filming, tempers rose.

The video shows participates harassing the student filming, while hitting the phone with objects.  Eventually, Qwabe uses a stick to knock the phone out of the student’s hands.

Qwabe later posted on his Facebook page:

“It is NOT true that I ‘assaulted’ and ‘whipped with a stick’ a white student during our shutdown of the arrogant UCT Law Faculty yesterday!

Although I wish I’d actually not been a good law abiding citizen & whipped the white apartheid settler colonial entitlement out of the bastard – who continued to video record us without our consent – this is not what happened as the media is reporting.

Otherwise, people must please stop annoying us about this petty non-issue invented by the media. While word has it that the instruction to video record us came from the Dean of Law (a whole womxn of colour!), we are klear that we will not be subjected to such white violence. The violent anthropologising of articulations of black pain without black people’s consent is as old as settler colonial domination itself. We refuse to continue operating under the white gaze!”

Breitbart is reporting:

Qwabe […] left Oxford and returned to the University of Cape Town (UCT), where he has made himself extremely unpopular with his fellow students – black and white – by closing down lectures, destroying and defacing property and terrorising the university authorities.

He has caused so much disruption that a local newspaper speculated that his move from Oxford to UCT may be the reason why Oxford recently rose to the top of the international university league tables while UCT dropped 28 places.

This would be funnier if Qwabe were not such a dangerous character. Though his views are a minority one, even among black students, his period at Oxford will have given him credibility and cachet, and a career almost certainly beckons at the more radical end of South Africa’s politics.

As Qwabe continues to get away with pushing people around to get what he wants, one is certainly left to wonder what sort of popularity he’ll gain from a career in his destructive stunts.

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