Bernie Sanders JUST Said What He Wanted To Do With YOUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM Is Absolutely HORRIFIC


If there’s anyone in Vermont with any sense, vote him out next time you can!

I have a neighbor down the street whose brother felt the call to serve the Lord when he was in his early twenties and studied to become a minister.

He will come in to visit about once or twice a year and as a matter of being a good neighbor will invite him along with my neighbor over for whatever cookout we happen to be having.

He said something one time that stuck with me. He told me that it wasn’t his job so much to tell people what to believe so much as it was to strongly suggest what he feels is the best thing to believe. After all, the Lord did give us free will.

However, there are some in this world that don’t want you do believe anything. They would rather keep you from going to church just to make it so some guy in a wig who wants to use the ladies room at Target can pee sitting down.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the man who could very well be president right now had the DNC not rigged the primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton, says the federal government should get rid of religious freedom in order to fight ‘racism, sexism, homophobia.’

Um. Because of the 1st Amendment maybe?

Bernie very clearly represents the exact opposite for which everything America stands.

He’s a buffoon who should not be taken seriously.

Sorry, Vermont.

From Daily Wire: Confirming the belief that Bernie Sanders and the hard-core American left spend an inordinate amount of time targeting religion, the near-octogenarian socialist loonbag senator from Vermont – who, by the way, would like a pudding cup – tweeted today that religious freedom must take a back seat to the leftist social agenda:

This is directly contrary to the text and intent of the First Amendment of the United States.

It is not up to the government to “sanction” racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination. What Bernie Sanders considers racism, sexism, and homophobia may not actually be racism, sexism or homophobia; furthermore, the government has no role in restricting freedom of speech, religion and association based on Bernie Sanders’ disapproval of how people utilize those rights. The government has no right to infringe on somebody’s activity so long as that activity does not violate the rights of others. I do not have a right to your services or your respect. I do have a right not to be harmed by you.

Sanders is an anarchist.

He wants to destroy the U.S. then build her back up so people like him can rewrite their own version of the constitution.

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  1. ruth gower

    February 4, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    hi as an english gentle man, i do too church that often but please who this berne shanders i do like the things he saying about religious freedom are you the son of satan and anachrist then go too hell and burn

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