Benghazi Survivor Just Gave Hillary The Reality Check That She Deserves…



Two days ago, Hillary Clinton sent a tweet about Donald Trump tweeting at 3am.

Here it is…

Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto fired back with a message to Hillary…

At least somebody is up, you sure as hell weren’t..and if by chance you were, u sure as hell didn’t give two shits about helping us!! #Tanto https://t.co/NSc7uuYagm

— Kris Paronto (@KrisParonto) October 16, 2016

Why is this a big deal?

Paronto was a survivor of the 13-hour battle at an American diplomatic compound in Libya back in 2012.

You may know it as Benghazi, where Americans Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Ambassador Christopher Stevens were killed by radical Islamists on Hillary Clinton’s watch.

Paranto has done his best to make it clear to progressives that Hillary shoulders the blame for what occurred that night.

Rather than doing the right thing – or, her job – Hillary slept on the situation.

Yesterday it was revealed (through WikiLeaks) that Benghazi is Hillary’s biggest regret, but that doesn’t exactly bring four men back to life.

History will remember Hillary Clinton as a twice-failed presidential candidate who silenced the victims of her husband; who refused to act when it mattered most.

Not exactly a solid legacy.

However, her resume fits quite swimmingly with past Democrat standard-bearers.

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