BEATDOWN VIDEO: Veteran Sees Thug ASSAULTING A Woman, So He Teaches Him A Lesson He’ll Never Forget!


In this video, a thug learns why you should never beat a woman. It is never okay. Army veteran Aaron Kreag was driving down the street and saw a hoodlum assaulting a woman on the side of the road. Instead of continuing to drive on and ignoring the situation. Kreag new that he had to do something about it.

Aaron Kreag, a veteran
Aaron Kreag, a veteran

This is why thugs don’t get by with their thug life and get sent to thug prison. This is why friends don’t let thugs do thug things. Thank God for this veteran.


You got to love a good samaritan and a well-trained gun owner. This is the stuff that the liberal media doesn’t want to show you. Share this with every single person you know on Facebook. Let’s set the record straight. (h/t Conservative World Daily)

This is what a good gun owner looks like.

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