Army Spec. Ops Doctor Posts Pro-Trump Immigration Ban on Facebook


Liberals worst nightmare happens when this army doctor tells them what he thinks about their flawed opinions.

Once again ‘fake news’ regarding immigration ban is being spewed by the liberal media. Thank god this patriot stood up and put them in their place!

According to Conservative Tribune– The liberal media and the useful idiots who adhere to their every word as if it were the gospel have collectively lost their minds over executive orders by President Donald Trump that temporarily halted immigration from seven terror-prone nations and temporarily suspended the refugee resettlement program.

Even though CNN posted direct transcripts of the executive orders, it’s obvious that most people haven’t read them, as there is an abundance of misinformation and outright falsehood being spread by the media about the orders, such as insinuating that it is a “Muslim ban” or that it is a blanket ban that will negatively affect innocent people already granted permission to reside in America.

Neither of those statements is true.

The blatant dishonesty from the media compelled a former medical officer of the U.S. Special Forces who has spent time in the Middle East to essentially declare war on the liberal narrative, which he characterized as nothing more than “alternative facts” or “fake news,” as the media have grown fond of saying.

Dr. Omar Hamada wrote on his Facebook page, “Many on the left are decrying President Trump’s executive order of a temporary 90-day hold on entry of citizens of 7 predominantly Muslim countries which harbor and promote radicalism, and a 120-day hold on entry of refugees, by stating that not a single foreign citizen/immigrant has perpetrated a terrorist act in the United States.

Is that so? Take a look at his post:

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