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Army Ranger Who Was There at Benghazi: Susan Rice Should Testify and Then Walk Out of Congress in Handcuffs


Susan Rice is just another corrupt politician from the Democratic Party who could care less about the events that took place in Benghazi.

Now Susan Rice has also been exposed as an Obama/Hillary spy who conducted the wiretapping that ‘accidently’ involved Trump on a number of occasions during the 2016 presidential campaign. A member of the Benghazi team Kris Paronto already despised Rice, but now this new information regarding our President and national security has him speaking out against her and it’s epic.

Via IJR:

Independent Journal Review decided to talk to someone who was personally affected by Rice’s choice of words in the past about the controversy — Benghazi survivor and Army Ranger Kris Paronto.

Paronto gave us an unfiltered take on the issue:

“Susan Rice said Bowe Bergdahl, of all people, served with honor. Then she defended Bergdahl, even though he is a traitor. That right there should kill her credibility as a public figure.

But it hasn’t, so she makes an appearance on live TV to say that she didn’t know anything about ‘unmasking’ or surveillance. But she was caught in a lie again. She ended up being the whistleblower, the one who gave out the names of Trump’s associates found in intelligence documents.

Those names would be blacked out, but Rice abused her authority and gave the names of those Americans, which could potentially put them at risk. People have no reason to trust Rice. She has a pattern of lying her way out of things.”

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