Another #BLM Leader Was JUST Robbed!!!… Wait Until You Hear What HE WANTS DONE NOW



No one of sound mind and body would think that ANYONE should be robbed – but this one just boils down to hypocrisy, folks.

Not even to a local leader of the Black Lives Matters movement, despite the Black Lives Matter movement having taken on an anti-police call to action.

There is great irony, however, when such a leader then also calls for more police protection, as happened recently in Houston with Jerry Ford, Jr.:

There is no “level of protection,” Cops can’t be everywhere. It can happen to anyone at any time. My house was burglarized in broad daylight the day after we left for vacation a few weeks ago. Halfway smart crooks know how to avoid cops.

The point is that the BLM crowd has a serious problem in choosing their martyrs… they tend to get violent in support of thugs and demand that cops be prosecuted for just doing their jobs.

And then they complain when the cops aren’t johnny-on-the-spot.

Typical liberal wants it both ways. Doesn’t want the cops doing the things they need to do to keep crime under control, but wants the cops to keep crime under control.

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