“IT’S AN AMERICAN THING” Black Woman OWNS Crying ‘LIBERALS’ Who Are Blaming Whites For President Trumps Win.



A Black Conservative absolutely rocked liberal nonsense about blaming “Whites” for Trump’s election.

From Stacy Washington, via 100%FedUp:

“Last night America voted for change…

Black people didn’t want Hillary Clinton, Latinos didn’t want her…it was America who voted for Trump last night so stop making this about white people.

There are plenty of blacks and people of every stripe who said, ‘no’ to the progressivism and the transgender bathrooms…

We’re gonna stop focusing on our body parts and start focusing on jobs and the economy and keeping this country on the right track…

This is not about color or race. We’re gonna stop talking about that all the time and start talking about what actually matters. We’re Americans first, we’re not the sum of our individual body parts and skin tones. I can’t wait to see what happens when we finally get back to the

We won last night. I’m so glad about it. It’s not a white thing, it’s not a black thing, it’s an American thing. And if you’re crying and talking about going to Canada. Please hurry up and go. We have work to do here, and we don’t want to be bothered by you whining and talking about how you’re leaving. Just go. The Canadiens will be glad to have your leftist butts…”

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