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ALERT: Obama’s SHOCKING Defense of $400 Million to Iran



We learned yesterday about the Obama Administration airlifting $400 million in cold, hard cash to Iran.

Now, Barack Obama is trying to make the case that the reaction is much ado about nothing. Reuters reports that Obama continues deny that the payment was a ransom for American hostages:

We announced these payments in January, many months ago. It wasn’t a secret. This wasn’t some nefarious deal,” Obama said at a press conference at the Pentagon [..]

“The reason that we had to give cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with Iran,” Obama said. “It is not at all clear to me why it is that cash as opposed to a check or a wire transfer has made this into a news story.”

Nonsense. Everyone with a shred of common sense knows exactly what this is. Not only does the timing alone strain credulity — the government just happened to take up a more than 30-year-old “debt” at the same time a new hostage crisis was brewing? — but as Joseph Klein at FrontPageMagazine points out, “Obama himself had linked the settlement to both the completion of the nuclear deal with Iran and the release of the American captives, when he said on January 17: “With the nuclear deal done, prisoners released, the time was right to resolve this dispute as well.”

The Center for Security Policy’s Fred Fleitz is also calling out the president’s spin, noting:

This is not the first time the Obama administration has paid ransom to Iran. It paid $500,000 each to free American hikers captured by Iran in 2011 through the government of Oman.

Fleitz believes that Obama used this “outstanding claim” as cover to get out of having to brief Congress on the details — a crooked, repeating pattern for this administration.

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