ALERT NEWS: Anti-Trump Protesters March On Trump Tower.- HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW…



The Left is reacting to the Trump victory as you would hope and expect. There are tears, freak-outs, and now people are taking it to the streets! Anti-Trump Protests are happening across the country!

Anti-Democracy protests against the free and fair election of Donald Trump are happening all over the country. High School students in California walked out of school and hippies in Seattle decided to burn some stuff and shout “Not My President” because THAT is totally originally and edgy!

Across the country, dissatisfied liberals are proving Trump and supporters right by marching, protesting and stopping traffic. They are free to do this of course, we live in a free country. Can you imagine the outburst if Trump lost and his supporters were marching through the streets? The media would think a civil war was happening. But since it is Anti-Trump it gets dressed up as angsty kids expressing themselves.

And here are group of loud angry types marching towards Trump Tower and disrupting traffic.


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